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Why Sirona™ CEREC™

The products by Sirona™ CEREC™ are designed to help you improve on a list of things

As professionals in the world of dental implants, it is your constant objective to provide your patients with the best dental service you can, while doing your best to be efficient with their time and money, right?

The products by Sirona™ CEREC™ are designed to help you improve on a list of things such as:

  • Saving your patients the inconvenience of unneeded impressions during procedures, but rather giving them custom abutments (including screws and crowns ) during 1 visit and all this in a far easier procedure (for them and yourself).
  • Through the use of these products, you are increasing the volume of your services to your patients and thus become more profitable.
  • When using custom abutments you are ensuring your clients a better and safer standard and at the same time achieving better esthetical results.
  • The latest materials are used to ensure high quality (premium standards of clinical safety), esthetic results for temporary as well as final restorations.

The main concept that is noticeable with  CEREC™ 

Is to integrate implant procedures as well as provide support during the process. Working correctly with a clear and recommended plan as well as a proposal that is integrated into a 3D record. With this combined data, professionals can devise a cost-efficient surgical procedure guide which naturally reduces the number of visits for your patient.

Sirona has been around for over 30 years, providing dental professionals with products in the field of restorative dentistry which makes it one of the more well known and popular brands on the market.

They have managed to design products which enable dental implant & restorative procedures in one visit at most. It is through their products and services that dentists can provide individual safe chairside implant procedures. With Sirona™ CEREC™ it is possible to create custom implants as well as plan future procedures and dental implant related surgeries, thus ensuring precise positions of the implants and successful results.

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